Future Projects

Constant development and expansion is one of the S.G.Group main activities in the past few years. Continuous research, evaluating market demand, and following relevant and latest technologies persuaded us to invest heavily on potential projects, providing customer satisfaction and bringing dozens of benefits to country economy.

Some of our future projects which are under study, process and construction are as follows :

Sirjan Pyrolysis Refinery

After years of research and study, in Autumn 2013, S.G.Group initiated constructing a medium sized Pyrolysis Refinery located at Central part of Iran, Sirjan Province.

The main aim of building this plant is to produce Gas Oil with the minimum sulfur as well as Active Carbon.

Capacity of production will be 300 MT per day and the plant estimated to come into operation by the end of 2014.

Dogharoun Refinery

After successfully designed, construct and operate the first phase of Dogharoun Refinery in Mid-2013, which has resulted to assign a new company under the wing of S.G.Group called Petro Palayesh IRAF, the 2nd phase has initiated the preliminary construction in order to expand the refinery and produce strategic products in Especial Economic Zone of Dogharoun.

Our aim is to produce 15,000 bbl of Fuel and Gas Oil in this refinery and estimated to come into operation by Mid-2015.